Sometimes you’ve to redirect category page link to CMS page link in magento. For example, you’ve a category with an id 50 and you’ve to redirect to the CMS page “home” Or “gift” as per your need. “home” and “gift” are the URL key of the CMS page which is located in CMS->Pages.

Goto Catalog-> URL rewrite Management and search for id 50 in the ID path column. Then open it and change the redirect option from No to Permanent(301). Also copy the text inside Target Path non-editable field. It may look like this “catalog/category/view/id/50″. Then Click save.rewrite-magento

The above image shows the step 1 which I’ve explained. In the image above, I’ve given category id as 56 instead of 50 as I said. Forgive me for that typo in the image. Just consider it as 50 for an understanding.

Then for redirecting this category page to CMS page, we’ve to add new URL rewrite. To do so, Click Add URL rewrite button in Catalog->URL rewrite Management. It’ll take you to Add New URL rewrite Screen, Where you’ve to choose “Custom” from “Create URL Rewrite” drop-down list. It then will take you to another new page where you’ve to enter ID path, Request Path and Target Path.

ID path — It must be any unique identifier. It can anything like iamrookie or whatever  as you wish.

Request Path — It must be the Target path which we’ve copied before (“catalog/category/view/id/50″) in step1.

Target Path — It should be the CMS page URL Key which you want to redirect. For example “gift”.

Then select Redirection to Permanent(301) from the drop-down and click save.

For your clear understanding I’ve shown in image below:


That’s it. Now the category page you want to can be redirected to the CMS page as you wish. Cheers!