My worst banking experience is with HDFC bank is what this article is about.There were lot of times, I’ve been pissed off by them. Let me share that experience one by one with them.
The company I work for opened a salary account for me in HDFC bank. From the past experiences I’ve believed private banks were customer friendly and it’s been a privilege having account in private banks.
So my account is in Chennai branch and I went for a holiday to my home-town. My home-town is Tirupur which is famous for T-shirt manufacturing. So I need to withdraw amount of Rs. 1 lakh from my account for emergency purposes and I went to HDFC bank which is in my city. After waiting in queue for about 1 hour, they’re informing me in the counter that I cannot withdraw amount greater than Rs.50000 /- in other branches for salary account holders. And even in home branch I can be allowed to withdraw maximum of 1 lakh in a day. I even does banking with other private banks and none of them restricted me to withdraw money from my account.
I’m in emergency and they want me to go back to Chennai if I want to withdraw money from my account. That’s fu***ng crazy. Then I consoled myself and I went back home and wrote a check to withdraw Rs.50000/- as they’ve mentioned. Again I waited for an hour in the queue and when I reached the counter, they said, “I’m sorry sir! You can’t withdraw amount here! You can ask in main branch in this city to withdraw!“. I was like WTF!
Again they’re saying salary account don’t have privilege to withdraw money from their account. I asked the bank manager and he replied, “We’re sorry sir! We can’t do anything about it!“.
me: You could have said this last time when I came here. Do I look like monkey to you coming back and forth?
Manager: What I suggest is if you have another bank account, you can on-line transfer the amount to that bank and you can withdraw from that bank. We can help you on that.
me: What? I could do that myself. Why do I need your help for that?
And then I never went to that bank for withdrawing money. I wondered how people people bank in HDFC bank. Then I figured out most of them came there to checkout cute girls they hired in the reception. No one goes near “How may I help you?” guy. Everyone’s fighting to talk to “How may I help you?” girls.
Salary account holders were the regular tax payers in our country and we don’t have privilege to withdraw our money from our own account in these types of banks.
This doesn’t stop here. HDFC bank representatives kept calling me for personal loans. I really needed money at some point and I enquired about it. They’ve said you’re eligible for personal loan and asked me to wait. I waited for around an hour and after I lost my patience and I approached him, then he said “Your company is not in our list of companies we have. So it’s a problem sir!“. I thought that’s fine, since it’s reasonable. But he asked me to wait and he said, “I’ll ask my superior and confirm you!“.
So I waited for around 2 hours and when I tried to find him, he’s not even in the bank. When I asked about him, they said he went another branch 1 hour ago. I’m totally pissed off. I’m not usually angry type, but this time I could not control it. I want to scold him so badly with all the bad words I know. But he never picked up my call.
After couple of months some customer service representative called me from HDFC bank and asked for personal loan. This time I vent out all my anger on her and she never called back. I felt so guilty for scolding her for someone’s mistake, but I can’t help it.