I am a rookie who pushed my cousin in a ditch, Well, what you call it then?, oh yes that’s a well and not a ditch and drove the car in reverse gear alone(fact) and parked in the middle of the road when I was a kid. Yeaaah! That is me. My dad ever beaten the hell out of me for all my naughtiness. Yes I’m pretty good liar too. I’m avid reader, break dancer, photographer, Chef,  Singer, Traveler and etc.. I’d love to put all those tags like other bloggers. But I’m stuck in confusion which one to learn first. So as for now I’m just a coder and more of a sleeper. I’m a bit perplexed guy. So is the reason I’ve combined my personal blog with professional one. I am Rookie is a site dedicated to all the rookie’s who’s been a rookie at some point in your life. Yeah! you’re right. That awkward moment when everyone brags that you are just a rookie. Besides this stuff you can find some articles about Web technologies especially Magento which I’m good at(obviously It’s a show off!). Also You can find my personal stuff in Life as a rookie section.

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