Life as a Rookie

HDFC is the worst private bank in India!

My worst banking experience is with HDFC bank is what this article is about.There were lot of times, I’ve been pissed off by them. Let me share that experience one by one with them. The company I work for opened a salary account for me in HDFC bank. From the past experiences I’ve believed private banks were customer friendly and it’s been a privilege having account in private banks. So my account is in Chennai branch and I...

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First Blog! First Interview!

This is gonna be my first personal blog.  And this is story of my first interview in chennai. I came to chennai before 1 1/2 years for searching a job in Chennai like thousands of others(sorry! Like million of others) after completing B.E in some mokkai college where they doesn’t even know the spelling of Placements. This is my first opportunity and I don’t wanna miss this one. So I woke up early in the morning with much curiosity...

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