Magento Checkout error: Undefined! JS alert on Place order

In Magento checkout page, during order review process, When place order button is clicked, it emits “Undefined” error in the form of javascript alert. I’ve been looking around for a fix for this error for long time and search in each and every file in my server inside checkout folder. Many developers had this issue and most of them pointed out that the issue is mainly due to custom modules or overriding of core modules, which...

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How to redirect a category link to CMS page link in Magento

Sometimes you’ve to redirect category page link to CMS page link in magento. For example, you’ve a category with an id 50 and you’ve to redirect to the CMS page “home” Or “gift” as per your need. “home” and “gift” are the URL key of the CMS page which is located in CMS->Pages. Goto Catalog-> URL rewrite Management and search for id 50 in the ID path column. Then open it and...

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Moving my cart from right to left sidebar using local XML Magento

Here are the steps to move cart sidebar from right column to left column using local.xml file in magento. We can use this step for totally removing the cart sidebar as well. Place the local.xml file in your theme’s layout directory and paste the code as follows: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <layout> <default> <reference name="left"> <block type="checkout/cart_sidebar" name="cart_sidebar"...

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Display all categories and sub categories on left sidebar in Magento

You can display list of all categories and subcategories in left sidebar including product view page using the following code in Magento. You can display subcategories upto second level using this code. You can create a new file for this code and you can add it in your theme’s catalog XML file like this: <block type="catalog/navigation" name="catalog.leftnav" template="catalog/navigation/my_left_nav.phtml" /> It should be placed...

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How to add custom field in Magento newsletter module

Some times you want to add custom field in newsletter module in magento. I hope this may be a basic brick for you to start. For now I’m going to explain here on adding country field to newsletter module in magento. You can follow this tutorial to add any custom fields in your newsletter module. First step is to add new field called ‘country’ in “newsletter_subscriber” table inside your magento database. We’re...

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How to Integrate jQuery Social media tabs in Magento?

jQuery Social Media Plugin is used to add feeds and profiles from your favorite social networks in slick slide out or static tabs yo you website. The interesting part of this plugin is, it has options to integrate nearly 17 social network site with feed options in your site. You can get this plugin here. I’m not making an advertisement here. But I can guarantee that It’s worth the money and it gives a rich look to your site. It...

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