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Accordion tabs in magento For layered navigation

Hi , In this blog I’m going to explain you how to create accordion tabs in magento for layered navigation as displayed below for attributes. Just navigate to your layered navigation file as shown: app/design/frontend/default/{your folder}/template/catelog/layer/view.phtml Then open that that file & paste the following jquery script at the end of the page: <script>var $j= jQuery.noConflict();// no conflict method $j...

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“Access denied” issue in Magento?

As a solution to the “Access denied” issue, you should log out from the Magento admin area and then log in again. If the above does not help, you should reset the admin privileges. This can be done through the Magento admin area > System > Permissions > Roles > Administrators. Click on the Role Resources option from the left menu and make sure that Resource Access is set to All. Click on the Save Role button and the...

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Magento install error – Exception printing is disabled

Hi everyone,     This  Exception printing is disabled  error occurs during installation of magento or even installing extensions or any time. To handle this error read the following blog. There has been an error processing your request: Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons. Error log record number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX If ur error looks like above then follow these steps: Just goto var->cache folder in the root...

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Magento Installation

Hi everyone,      This is my First blog. This post is to help you with magento installation. First download latest version of magento from their site. Then extract it & rename it in the location you preferred in the server or your local machine with xampp or Lamp. Step1: Create a database and assign the user to the corresponding DB. Step2:  Then give write permissions to the following folders in the root directory using FTP(By...

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