Posts made in February, 2013

How to integrate Google translate API into your website?

In times you need to promote your website globally breaking language as a barrier. You may have some products which may be helpful for a wider audience around the world. But how do we do that? Simple. Answer is Google Translate. Yes, by integrating Google translate API in your site, which is so simple. It supports nearly 64 languages currently. Even I’ve integrated it in this blog which you can check it out at the top right corner of my...

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How to use jQuery ajax for transfering data with load() using PHP?

Ajax is used to load a particular part of the web page without loading entire page. I think it sounded wrong.  Loading in the sense sending and receiving information to and from the server without the visitor ever leaving the page.  Twitter feed and Google search are the best example for it. But you never would have noticed it until you enter into coding. Yeah I know it sucks! Because coding is not as easy as tweeting. If you...

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How to Integrate jQuery Social media tabs in Magento?

jQuery Social Media Plugin is used to add feeds and profiles from your favorite social networks in slick slide out or static tabs yo you website. The interesting part of this plugin is, it has options to integrate nearly 17 social network site with feed options in your site. You can get this plugin here. I’m not making an advertisement here. But I can guarantee that It’s worth the money and it gives a rich look to your site. It...

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Why $smarty->is_cached() emits fatal error in smarty 3?

When we use the cache function is_cached() in smarty version 3 it’ll emit fatal error as shown below: Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘SmartyException’ with message ‘unknown method ‘is_cached” I’ve been searched all over the internet and couldn’t find out the solution why it shows this error in latest version alone. But in documentation it is not deprecated. Then what the hell is going on with...

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How to use print_r() in smarty?

We use print_r() in php to print the arrays recursively. If you’re using smarty templating engine we can’t use the same to print the arrays recursively. We have to assign the array value in a smarty variable in the corresponding php like this: $smarty->assign('contacts', array('fax' => '555-222-9876', 'cell' => '555-111-1234')); $smarty->display('index.tpl'); Then open index.tpl and use the variable contacts like...

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