Posts made in April, 2013

First Blog! First Interview!

This is gonna be my first personal blog.  And this is story of my first interview in chennai. I came to chennai before 1 1/2 years for searching a job in Chennai like thousands of others(sorry! Like million of others) after completing B.E in some mokkai college where they doesn’t even know the spelling of Placements. This is my first opportunity and I don’t wanna miss this one. So I woke up early in the morning with much curiosity...

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How to add custom field in Magento newsletter module

Some times you want to add custom field in newsletter module in magento. I hope this may be a basic brick for you to start. For now I’m going to explain here on adding country field to newsletter module in magento. You can follow this tutorial to add any custom fields in your newsletter module. First step is to add new field called ‘country’ in “newsletter_subscriber” table inside your magento database. We’re...

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